Wichita Railroad Live Cam

Wichita Railroad

Railroad Enchantment: Live Webcam View of BNSF Arkansas City Subdivision. Navigating the Rails: Live Webcam Journey on BNSF Arkansas City Subdivision.

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Kansas as our live webcam unveils the dynamic BNSF Arkansas City Subdivision. This former AT&SF route stretches from Newton, KS to Arkansas City, KS, under the watchful guidance of the Wichita Terminal Association and BNSF dispatch.

Tracks of Transition: Railroads Converge and Diverge on This Historic Route

Witness the intricate dance of railroads as they converge and diverge on the historic BNSF Arkansas City Subdivision. This vital passage links Newton and Arkansas City, hosting a symphony of trains from BNSF, Kansas & Oklahoma (KO), South Kansas & Oklahoma (SKOL), and UP, all orchestrated by the Wichita Terminal Association.
Peek into the bustling heart of railway operations as you explore the live webcam's view of BNSF Arkansas City Subdivision. Just three miles north, the BNSF Wichita Yard and the UP Cline and Wichita Yards hum with activity, underscoring the significance of this crucial transport nexus.
Marvel at the intricacies of railway logistics as the BNSF Arkansas City Subdivision approaches the South Junction. Here, the UP's Enid Sub (former CRI&P) diverges towards Enid, OK, painting a vivid picture of the network that crisscrosses this dynamic landscape.
Delve into the art of directional running as the BNSF Arkansas City Subdivision boasts a double main between Mulvane and Ellinor. Transforming two single mains into a harmonious dance of trains, this innovative approach adds a touch of magic to the railway's rhythm.

Unveiling Railway Velocity: Maximum Timetable Speed and Daily Traffic

Experience the rush of railway velocity as the BNSF Arkansas City Subdivision boasts a maximum timetable speed of 40 mph. With approximately 40 trains gracing this corridor each day, the tracks hum with energy, connecting communities and commerce in a seamless web of transport.


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